The GRASSIMESSE is an international meeting point for those interested in design and passionate for beautiful things. It is even an art exhibition and a trade fair for applied art and product design from all fields.

Artisans, designers and companies offer one-of-a-kind objects, small series, etc. from areas of fabric, fashion, jewellery, ceramics, glass, furniture, metal, leather, paper and toys. The exhibitors are chosen anew every year by a specialist jury.

GRASSIMESSE thereby reflects the world of ideas and the diversity of the current applied art and design. It continues the tradition of the historical Grassimesse even founded in 1920, which became famous as the "meeting point of modernity".

It is held every year in the second half of October at GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, Germany.


Every year, artisans, artists and designers as well as artist communities and university graduates are invited to apply for the GRASSIMESSE.

This year, out of solidarity with the exhibitors, the fair is waiving the usual participation fee!

The digital application platform can be found here:

Jury 2020


  • Dr. Monika Fahn, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein München e. V.
  • Dr. Eva Maria Hoyer, former directress GRASSI Museum of  Applied Arts
  • Ulrike Meyer-Krahmer, member of the board of trustees of the Carl und Anneliese Goerdeler-foundation
  • Reinhold Ludwig, journalist and publisher (ART AUREA)
  • Jan Press, director Mährische Galerie Brünn, Czech Republic
  • Prof. Barbara Schmidt, professor for design, focus design and experiment, Weißensee Academy of Art, Berlin
  • Prof. Hans Stofer, professor for jewellery, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle


  • Sabine Epple, curator, GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig
  • Anett Lamprecht, head of PR and assistant director, GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig
  • Vorsitz: Dr. Olaf Thormann, director, GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig


Every year, the jury decided on five awards which represent extraordinary high quality: 

  • Grassi award of the Carl and A. Goerdeler-Foundation (endowed with 3,000 €),
  • Grassi award of Sparkasse Leipzig (endowed with 2,000 €),
  • Grassi award of the Slavik Gallery, Vienna (endowed with 1,000 €),
  • Apolline-Award by Delphine Saucier, Brussels (endowed with 1,000 €),
  • Grassi Award from the friends of the museum (endowed with 1,000 €),
  • Young talent award from the company culturtraeger.