Agne Zaltauskaite


The super-fast pace of modern life became as a profound wellspring of inspiration for me as an artist. From my positive perspective, it fuels my creativity, leading to dynamic compositions, vibrant colors, and innovative techniques. I celebrate the vitality and energy of urban existence through my work. However, at first everything start from a negative standpoint, I explore themes of alienation, anxiety, and disconnection. I depict these emotions through fragmented forms, somber tones, and surreal imagery, reflecting the overwhelming nature of contemporary society. Through my art, I aim to offer a nuanced exploration of the human condition amidst the chaos and beauty of the modern world.



2013 - 2017BA Degree in Vilnius Academy o Fine Arts, Metal art and Jewelry
2023 -MA Degree in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Painting

Berufliche Stationen

2023My own jewelry studio in Kaunas, Lithuania
2022INTERNSHIP in Studio Jiro Kamata, Munich, Germany.

Bedeutende Ausstellungen

2024"Hat trick", Munich Jewelry week
2023Group exhibition “Dream machine”, New York, United States
2021“Beijing International Art jewelry exhibition” , Beijing, China
2020Solo exhibition "INTRO" , ARgenTum gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019"TALENTE" competition. Munich, Germany


2019Ambertrip Award "Random rapid heartbeats"
2020Art grant from Lithuania culture institute for jewelry project
2022Art grant from Lithuania culture institute for jewelry project

Agne Zaltauskaite

Agne Zaltauskaite Jewelry