Ruolang Zeng


The work is inspired by the Jade Seal, an important symbol of the imperial power in ancient China. As a precious and beautiful material, jade is given political meaning by the ruling class, and the seal originally used to identify identity and mark evidence becomes a unique symbol because of the particularity of its materials and users. The series aims to reinterpret the cultural connotation of jade and discuss the dynamic power relations in contemporary society. This series of body stamps combine the contemporary aesthetic perspective to explore the possibility of traditional jade culture in the present. The artist uses unique techniques to reproduce the characteristics of jade in materials with completely different properties. The movable mechanical structures of modernity are used in the work, through the stamping and stamped behavior of the body, these interactive stamps hope to evoke individual feelings and thinking about the diverse and changing contemporary power system.



2022-2024London college of Fashion, MA Fashion Artefact