Sharareh Aghaei


Collection: second chance

Precious Stones are limited substances from the nature resources, which has been extensively extracted by the modern manufacturing. Among all these stones getting exploited, the high fashion and jewelry industry is the biggest consumer of these precious stones, of course selected among the ultimate quality.
It means the stones with natural characteristics such as inclusions, mini lines or cracks which are not even visible with unaided eyes, will be categorized unqualified or literally as gangue, therefore a large amount of rough rocks would end up in leftover piles and sadly considered as trash.
Most of the stones used in the pieces I have created in this collection, are done by these not more usable material, collected from different carving companies, stone workshops, or artists’ remains, to upcycle and give them another chance to show off their forgotten beauty.



2014-2017MFA, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Gemstone and Jewelry, Idar-Oberstein
2015Exchange Student, Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School
2013-2014BFA, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Gemstone and Jewelry design, Idar-Oberstein
2003-2008Bachelor of Art and crafts, Metalsmithing, Art University of Tehran

Berufliche Stationen

From 2017Stone Carving, Pauly Art of carving, Idar-oberstein, Germany
2013-2016Goldsmithing, Petra Meiren jewelry, Idar-oberstein , Germany
2009-2013Goldsmithing, Freelance company, Tehran, Iran.

Bedeutende Ausstellungen

2024Empathy, Legnica silver festival, Poland
-2024Astonish collective, IHM Handwerksmesse munich, Germany
2024A certain Landscape exhibition at Het Labo Atrium in Tokyo, japan.
-2023MK&G Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg, Germany
-2023wearing Red, ignite the fire, NYC jewelry week, Charon Kransen Arts.


-2023Romanian jewelry week. Winning the Grand Award of RJW 2023
-2023Quality Legnica jewelry silver festival. Honorable mention of the director of gallery of art in Legnica, Poland
-2019Random Rapid Heartbeat Amber trip art jewelry contest, Vilnius, Lithuania ,(awarded in the category of amber works)

Sharareh Aghaei