Betty Montarou


My work evolves through a pragmatic yet sensitive approach. Interested in exhausting all technical possibilities, I embark with each project on an experimental path. Each ceramic documents the liveliness of its process, the suspension of the control, in the subtle materiality of form, surface and colour. While the installation "Farandole de bols" reflects this constant research with the object bowl and the relation between shape, size and function; in the serie "Mille", the act of glazing creates, through a new association of the coloured clay body with the glaze, the expression of a chromatic vibration.


2009High School Degree in Applied Arts
2009-2014Product Design Diplom, ESAA Boulle, Paris - France
2011ERASMUS semester, Ceramic Design, DKDS Copenhagen - Denmark
2012ERASMUS semester, Ceramic-and-glas Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle - Germany
2014Award "Projet Partenarial" by VIA, Paris - France
2010Internship at Ulrike Weiss Céramiques, Paris - France
2013Internship at Atelier Max Lipsey, Eindhoven - Netherlands
2014Internship at textile artist Aurélie Mathigot, Paris - France
2015-2018Junior Designer at studio Sebastian Herkner, Frankfurt am Main - Germany (full-time)
2018-nowSenior Designer at studio Sebastian Herkner, Frankfurt am Main - Germany (part-time)
2018Establishment Atelier Betty Montarou
2019Selected for young talent section of Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt am Main
2020Grassimesse, MAK, Leipzig
2021Exhibition "Radical Craft", Direktorenhaus, Berlin
2022Exhibition "Handwerk Mythos", MAK, Frankfurt am Main

Betty Montarou

Atelier Betty Montarou
Frankfurt am Main