Kamile Staneliene


I usually draw inspiration from various forms of nature. I use trilobite fossils, natural stones, which I process myself to get the right shape. I combined materials, which are incompatible at first glance: fossils that are like a petrified clump of earth with luxurious motifs made of precious metals. A kind of "bristling" against excessively artificial, unnaturally stretched and "licked out" forms. My task as a metal artist is not to torture, not to "suffocate", not to overdo the object that is being created but to allow it to "live". Observe the metal turning into a living organism that later lands on the body.


2012-2017Baccalaureate Metal art and Jewelry, Vilnius Academy of Arts Lithuania
2022Exhibition Until Death Do Us Part, Brussels Jewellery Week 2022 Syntra Brussel, Belgium
2022Exhibition About Opportunities, International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Tri Litex o, Lithuania
2021Exhibition Until Death Do Us Part, Alliages, Lille, France
2021Online exhibition Internal Expression, Splop Design
2021Exhibition Dream Machine / NYC Jewelry Week, Industry City, New York, USA
2021Exhibition Remains of the Day, Maria and George šlapelis House-Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
2021Romanian Jewelry Week 2021 , ARCUB Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania
2021Exhibition One Gram, Atelier Schmuckes / Plattform Schmuckkunst, Graz, Austria
2021Online exhibition Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body Positive? Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne
2021Exhibition Conversations about the essence, "Ramybé" gallery, Palan a, Lithuania
2020Solo exhibition De terra, "Balta" gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2015Solo exhibition Unwritten letters, The Museum of Prienai Region, Prienai, Lithuania
2014Solo exhibition Silver summer, "Uzupis" gallery, Vilnius, Lithuani
2011Awarded in International Visual Arts Competition (UNESCO Center of Louis Fran ois , France

Kamile Staneliene

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