Pei Wu


“We are all very similar,” I believe; I communicate with the others by expressing my deepest feelings. Personal experiences have been a source of inspiration for me; through collecting more relevant stories from the others and going as deep as possible to reach the source, I try to bring my story to a social level, to tell it in a way that could resonate with the public. The quietness in my work is from a frozen moment of an action, a movement. People often find my work soft and gentle, but then the tension and weight come after. The soft-touch of the material, the oppressive form, the adorable appearance, a touch of insecurity…the combination of all senses reflects the state of mind under our collective story.


2022Solo exhhibition with Gallery Mano, Taipei, TW (planned)
2022Solo exhibition with The Closer Galler, Beijing, CN (planned)
2022Let There be Rock with Museum Turnov, Turnov, CZ
2022Lithomania with Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, DE
2021MK&G Messe, Hamburg, DE
2021Enjoia' t 2021with A-FAD, Barcelona, ES
2021Gioielli in Fermento 2021, Milan, IT
2020Marzee International Graduate Show 2020, Nijmegen, NL
2020Winner of Marzee International Graduate Award 2020, Nijmegen, NL
2020Hochschule Trier Selected Graduate 2020 of Klimt02
03/ 2017 - 03/ 2020Hochschule Trier Campus Idar-Oberstein, MFA Jewellery and Gemstone
09/ 2015 - 09/2016London Metropolitan University, MA Jewellery Design
09/ 2008 - 06/2014Tunghai University, Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Fine Arts

Pei Wu