Xiaozhe Huang


Huang Xiaozhe grew up under an authoritarian system, where rules were strict and choices scarce. It was not until adulthood, when she physically left the environment that she was born into, that she realized wanting alternatives is not a sin.  
With this awareness came a major identity crisis; She confronted fundamental questions. Who am I? What is freedom? What is truth, and whose truth? The mixed media pieces intend to investigate the conflict and complexed relationship between individuals and society. The metal components represent the ruthless ruling; the stable architectural structures express the stability and protection that a strong authoritarian system once provided, albeit while operating in an oversimplified and distorted reality. The colourful glass serves as a metaphor for the newborn authentic self, particles of freedom and the celebration of an independent identity free from profession, nation, language, and ideological exclusiveness.



2008Master degree of Art Management from UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, with full scholarship from COLLEGIO SUPERIORE

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Bedeutende Ausstellungen

2024"EVOLUTION" Glass Art Society conference 2024 Where Art + Design Meet exhibition, Berlin
2024"FUSION" 2024 BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY GLASS JEWELLERY, at Museum of Contemporary Glass Art in Alcorcón
2024"PARTICLE[S]" Main exhibition of Brussels Jewellery Week 2024, at MAD Brussels
2024"(UN)AVOWABLE SECRETS" travel contemporary jewellery exhibitions, during Munich Jewellery Week, Destination Bijou Cagnes, and Barcelona Contemporania

Xiaozhe Huang