Jiun-You OU


The ongoing project "yàn" started with the two inkstones that I used for my calligraphy course when I was a child. Although calligraphy is still an important tradition in the East Asian cultural sphere, nowadays we don’t actually practice it in our daily life. Because of the absence of calligraphy in my current life, I came up with the thought to cut, carve, facet the inkstones intuitionally and spontaneously. Gradually the forms and textures accidentally resemble the characters of calligraphy in a way. Thus, deconstructed functionality and interpreted materiality here deviously become carriers of intertwined traditions, memories, and even identities.


2022award, Staatspreis, Staatspreis & Förderpreis für das Kunsthandwerk Rheinland-Pfalz, DE
2021-2023Stipendium, GSSA-Stipendium, Taiwan
2020award, selection, Friedrich Becker Preis 2020, Hanau, DE
2019solo, "11", Kunsthalle ART AFFECT & Maler-Zang-Haus, DE
2019solo, "Writing", Galerie Door, Mariaheide, NL
2019award, selection, Albert Haueisen Art Prize, Jockgrim, DE
2019biennale,The 10th Cheongju International 2019 Craft Biennale, KR
2019exhibition, Schmuck 2019, IHM, Munich, DE
2018award, selection, European Prize for Applied Arts, Belgium
2015-2018M.F.A.,Edelstein und Schmuck, Hochschule Trier, DE
2015-2016triennial, KORU 5, Imatra/Vaasa/Kuopio, FI
2015residency/grant, Anderson Ranch Arts Center & NY, US
2014award, TALENTE Prize, IHM, Munich, DE
2012triennial, the 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, EE
2008vocational traning in silversmithing and jewellery, Taiwan

Jiun-You OU