Jiun-You OU


The ongoing project “Yàn” started with two pieces of inkstone that I used for my calligraphy class when I was a child. Although calligraphy is still an important tradition in Sinosphere, nowadays we almost don't practice it in our daily life anymore. In the beginning, I just cut, carved, faceted the inkstone intuitionally, and tried to work with it experimentally. Gradually some subtle outlines emerged and also resembled the structure as well as textures of calligraphy characters in a way. Deconstructed functionality and interpreted materiality of inkstone encountered the materiality of calligraphy with inter-reference through the working process. As a result, inkstone is made into a piece of jewellery that also becomes a carrier. What it carries is no longer water or ink but intertwined memories, traditions, and identities.

Jiun-You OU



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