NEW this year: smow design award of the Grassimesse

At smow  everything revolves around design furniture and the design of tomorrow's living and working environments.
In the search for innovative concepts and products, honest materials and a sustainable design approach, the smow design award, which was first launched in 2023
is primarily intended to promote young designers from the furniture sector. The prize is endowed with €2,500.


"At smow, we see ourselves as part of the cultural scene. This is also how we understand our smow Stores, which are always located at the urban pulse of the respective city. With
the smow design award, we would like to offer young designers a showcase and encourage them to face the market and the competition.
If we thereby discover products that fit smow, we can imagine taking on our role as a furniture manufacturer and take the step from the design idea
to production maturity. This creates a long-term win-win situation for both sides."


Boxes and backpacks from old advertising tarpaulins of past grassi fairs

During the Grassi fair, a container with advertising banners visible from afar stands on Johannisplatz directly in front of the museum. After the end of the Grassimesse, these colorful advertising tarpaulins do not go into the trash, but into the studio of the Leipzig fashion designer Maria Schenke with her label GRAUE MAUS. The second life of the advertising tarpaulins begins, as the fashion designer uses them to create casual bags for urban use. From the small fanny pack to light and airy backpacks to voluminous shopping bags, the variety is suitable for everyday urban use. Available for purchase during and after the Grassimesse in the museum store or at