Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design

In the Bachelor's degree course Design - "Product and Jewelry" and the Master's degree course "Material Culture Design", students design products, objects and processes and make them applicable for the diverse challenges of a dynamically developing living and working environment. The requirements for the development of sustainable concepts are demanding and subject to constant change. In addition to considering functional, technological and aesthetic aspects of the design brief, critical reflection on social and ethical contexts also plays an important role. The location of the course within the Faculty of Art and Design as well as in the engineering-oriented university sector offers an ideal surrounding for this.

At the Grassimesse 2024, selected results from the semester projects will be shown.

Project - PINUS

In her final thesis PINUS, Johanna Ebert explores the creative and technological possibilities of using pine needles.
The series of objects demonstrates the versatility of these materials, offers possibilities for material substitution and for dealing with our usual ideas of materials.

Project - Grasp me

Hannah Steenken is working on the idea of creating alternative therapeutic tools for self-harming behavior. The graduate's intensive study of a wide range of topics relating to mental disorders, their symptoms and treatment options as well as the treatment of haptics and the sense of touch led to the creation of various therapeutic tools in the field of mindfulness.

Project - Touch Meets Taste

In her work, Sara Lamitschka creates tactile and haptic sensations that evoke taste experiences. The customizable tools of the tableware and cutlery series create an interactive experience and thus activate our senses of taste.


Prof. Stephan Schulz


Johanna Ebert, Hanna Reppmann, Hannah Steenken, Sara Lamitschka, Celine O´Neal