Paul Derrez


Paul Derrez is gold and silversmith. Since 1975 he designs and makes jewellery, and objects like bowls, boxes and vases, in a clear style with a playfull twist. In his jewellery he often combines metal ( silver ) for the construction, the mount, with acrylic elements playing with colour and reflexion in a decorative way. His silver objects are in general formed by hammering sheets of fine silver. The specific finish of the ‘skin’ interacts in a subtle way with the smooth lining of a silver rim, or with a lid or inlay in sparkling acrylic. In the last two years he developed several groups of jewellery: Ovals and dots appear already for years in Pauls work. In the Radiant pieces the semi-transparent dots got a hammered silver rim, together creating a ‘glow’ with a radiant effect. The decease of a collegue motivated for jewellery with the teardrop as a theme. His most recent theme he called Real Men. Necklaces and brooches show profiles of men in loving or playful interaction with each other. Paul Derrez aims to make wearable and affordable pieces, bringing joy and pleasure to man and woman.


1968 – 1970Design Academy, Eindhoven/NL
1971 – 1972school for drama, Utrecht/NL
1972 – 1975goldsmith training, Schoonhoven/NL
Solo exhibitions (selection): 1977Paul Derrez, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam/NL
1985Paul Derrez, Jewellery, Bowls and Plates, with Julia Manheim, Aspects, London/UK
1996Paul Derrez, Risky Business, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam/NL
1997Paul Derrez, Cool Creator, Galerie Biró, Munich/G (cat)
2009Paul Derrez, Cool Creator 1975-2009, retrospective, Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein/G
2015Paul Derrez, MAKER – jewellery and objects – 1975-2015, CODA museum, Apeldoorn/NL (cat)
2016Paul Derrez, DOTS, Galerie Biró, Munich/G
Group exhibitions (selection): 1980Schmuck International 1900-1980, Künstlerhaus, Vienna/AUS (cat)
1982Schmuck 82, Tendenzen?, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim/G (cat)
1984Cross Currents, Power House Museum, Sydney, and tour/AU (cat)
1986Sieraad 1986, draagteken, Museum Het Kruithuis, now Design Museum, ‘sHertogenbosch/NL
2000Het versierde Ego, het Kunstjuweel in de 20ste eeuw, Koningin Fabiolazaal, Antwerp/B (cat)

Paul Derrez