Paul Derrez


Next year I become 75 of age and will celebrate this moment with a survey in the Silvermuseum Schoonhoven, Netherlands, showing 50 years of making jewellery and 25 years of making silverwork.

As an extra addition to this oeuvre-exhibition of jewellery and silverwork, I am making now a new collection of spoons, based on my experiences in the last half century qua: design-themes, material-combinations, and technical solutions. As a chef I use my old ingredients for new recipes, in a fresh, tasty and beautifull way. New and retrospective at the same time.

The plan is to make a year long one spoon a day. At the moment there are about 70 spoons made, and the enclosed 5 pictures show a selection. But the collection will grow and in October I can make a new, strong selection to show at the Grassi Messe .I look forward!

Paul Derrez


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