Ela Bauer


The notion that everything evolves constantly lays in basis of my working-process. Nothing is clearly defined; events and “things” don’t begin or end, they’re rather a momentary result of on-going processes.
The wave; transmitting and receiving inspire some of my latest works. Its’ elusiveness, borderless character and continuity intrigue me.
Color plays a crucial role and lately is a subject to a research in my work. Color is the first given you perceive, experience before interpreting. It’s a powerful vehicle of moods and atmospheres. Mostly one gives color to form, I give form to color.
My work is the ground on which my understanding of reality deepens. During the working process out of the chaos of actions, materials, forms and colours, a focus emerges; vague and undefined at first but as the working-process proceeds the focus becomes sharper and clearer. Sometimes when during work elements ‘fall into the right place’ I get a feeling of the small reality reflecting the big one.

Other works by Ela Bauer