Eva Zethraeus


I´m applying as a member of the group Swedish Material Makers. We are 5 artists working with international exhibitions and exchange programs within the contemporary craft field. Our group started 2011 with a Swedish-German exchange in Schleswig-Holstein and since then we have continued to exhibit together. http://www.swedishmaterialmakers.se

My ceramic sculptures are the result of an ongoing process: by using a metaphoric language I construct and deconstruct intricate forms which encapsulate the complex way in which organisms evolve and grow. I have developed a detailed work method which is as complex as it is slow which is essential as the process leads to new ideas and concepts which are woven into the work. Each sculpture is a development of the the previous one.
Each sculpture is unique, all parts are wheel thrown, altered and then assembled, sometimes over 1000 pieces are combined to make one sculpture.

Eva Zethraeus