Gabi Veit


The laid table

A laid table tells of people who spend time together while eating, of culture, art and of life itself.
Plates and vessels stand on it, spoons and bowls are spread out, a candlestick dances out of line. Eating is more than taking in food, it is sensual experience.

As a prop stylist and photographer, Dietlind Wolf invents stories around food and the appropriate setting.
She makes plates and bowls, vessels and jugs from porcelain and various earths.

Gabi Veit makes spoons and spoons and spoons. In between, sometimes a vessel, a candlestick, even a piece of jewelry.

Together they traveled to Sicily in 2022 and spent a month living and working together, cooking and eating. The impressions from botany, architecture and the encounters flow into what they design for the table and how they weave it together.

Gabi Veit

Der gedeckte Tisch

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