Itamar Yehiel


Sculptural Embroidery by Itamar Yehiel
Embroidery is an ancient craft that was always used as a platform for storytelling. For a decade I explored different continents and countries and was always fascinated by the local and traditional crafts. As a self-taught artist, I use this international language to tell new stories: personal and global, cultural and emotional.

My three-dimensional embroideries lean on a craft that has been used for thousands of years. Yet I aspire to release it from the two-dimensional fabric and give it volume.

I am interested in exploring contradictions and paradoxes. The tension between realism and illusion, organic and artificial, temporary and eternal are all part of my artistic expression. Those come to life through objects from nature. Just like embroidery, nature is a global language. It relates to all individuals and cultures and I use its vast variety of objects, colors, shapes, and textures as a language to portray emotions and stories.

Itamar Yehiel

Itamar Yehiel - Sculptural Embroidery