Grassimesse 2022

Prize winners

Marcel Baer

Ute Kathrin Beck

Gabi Veit Der gedeckte Tisch

Magdalen & Susanne Orland & Ostwald

Elke Sada


Burg Giebichenstein - Product Design/ Ceramic and Glass Design and Industrial Design


This design project is delicious: let's dive into the world of star cuisine with its culinarians, foodies and the new wilds of the culinary arts. There is plenty of room for experimentation and new ventures. The scene is currently characterized by a whole guard of young, creative chefs who value good, fairly produced food from local producers.

When choosing tableware and glasses, many of these chefs are not only concerned with functionality and practicality, but also with the desire for a new feel, look and use. The aim of the project is to identify and take into account the different requirements of the catering industry when creating new porcelain and glass.

Anna Freudenberg, Elena Bangel, In Lee, Jihye Han, Jungwoon Lee, Madeleine zu Dohna, Manon Klein, Matteo Pennacchio, Nadja Winter, Ruud van den Eijnden, Sulamith Gutwein, Vincent Julm


CONTAIN - Storage & Safekeeping

Man has been storing and transporting since time immemorial. Collected and hunted goods had to be stored and preserved, valuable ornaments and cult objects had to be protected, goods and foodstuffs had to be transported. For this purpose, the cultural history of mankind contains an almost infinite number of storage vessels made of materials such as wood, metal and plastic as well as, of course, ceramics and glass. These objects are evidence of culture, wealth and craftsmanship.

A storage vessel for the described uses usually consists of a part that preserves and encloses the valuable object and another part that covers and protects it. The design of these parts is influenced by the use and context of the storage vessel and the parameters of its contents.

Based on the collected knowledge, designs for storage vessels in porcelain and glass were developed. The design development focused not only on a mature design based on variants, but also on the investigation of peculiarities of the materials porcelain and glass.

Alice Haubold, Elisa Bächle, Fritz Breuer, Maximilian Pflugk, Melanie Lange, Nathalie von Rüti, Rosalie Schmuck

Prof. Laura Straßer, artistic collaborators: Susan Paduch und Larissa Siemon


Burg Giebichenstein - Jewelry

O... R...U...?

A fog-filled showcase of jewelry works by students from the Jewelry/Sculpture class at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle will be presented during GRASSIMESSE. The recurring jewelry in the Mist Cabinet refers to Caterpillar, a character from Alice in Wonderland. Caterpillar addresses the issue of being small and the theme of visibility, presence and absence. The cabinet filled with fog is on the one hand also visibility for the young jewelry artists and at the same time an announcement for a larger exhibition, which the jewelry class will show in spring 2023 in the Burg Gallery in the Volkspark. Watch this space !

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle . Jewelery class, sculpture course Plastik Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle ( Prof. Hans Stofer)

Burg Giebichenstein Design of Playing and Learning


New game ideas for Ankersteine

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle , Design of Playing and Learning class (Prof. Karin Schmidt-Ruhland, artistic collaborator Svenja Münster).

The Ankersteine have a long tradition. In 1875, the Lilienthal brothers developed a recipe for the production of mineral building blocks pressed from a mixture of quartz sand, lime and linseed oil varnish. They serve as building blocks and are one of the oldest system toys in the world. So a classic with which we have developed and designed new play ideas and applications in this project. Shown are the game idea with game instructions and packaging.

A cooperation project with Ankerstein GmbH .


Desiree Bach, Emili Blum, Matthias Franzen, Lydia Fuchs, Noa Gellenbeck, Stella Sachse, Lucie Schwingen, Marlene Thiel, Malin Trepel und Rita Zeinar.

HAWK Hildesheim


Meet your Universe

In the metal design department at HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim the contexts of art, design and craft are combined. Jewelry and body-related objects, vessels and objects related to table culture, as well as architecture- and space-related works are the areas in which students find their approach and examination.

The design foundation for this is a comprehensive understanding of the meaning, context, and relationship of materials and forms to reflect the idea, narrative, function, or application. Aesthetic, cultural and physical aspects are addressed and utilized in analog and digital transformations and techniques. Central intentions for the artistic research and design processes are our constantly changing environment, current cultural and social events and the individual encounter with these contexts.

These approaches are in direct contact with a self-developed concept or motif and involve in-depth research in practice to build a significant artistic position. The goal of the course is to learn to contextualize one's own position, to understand it in a larger context, and to be able to make it visible to the recipient or user through its realization. The documentation of these processes as well as the presentation are part of this aesthetic practice.

The goal is therefore to guide and encourage students to find their own form of expression in the process and to develop a sense of authenticity. The artistic forms of expression are free, the possibilities very diverse. A vessel, a piece of furniture, a piece of jewelry, a body- or space-related object can represent an artistic position. Thus, the results move between use-oriented, applied or free artistic representations.

At the Grassimesse 2022, final projects from 2022 as well as works from the semester project "Meet your Universe" will be presented.

Further Information:

Metal Design | HAWK  University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim

HAWK - Metallgestaltung / Metal Design (@hawk_g_metallgestaltung) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos


Nadine Anklam, Dagmar Christina Gerke, Lorain Mair, Jonas Schwalenberg, Gabi Semmelroggen, Tim Udvardi-Lakos und Anna Warnebolt


Schneeberg - Applied Arts

Dough bowls, mills, proofing baskets - all tools for baking bread that have been shaped over centuries and by a thousand hands. There may not be much to improve about them, but there is a lot to discover.
Because there is hardly any other food that shows as much humanity as bread, students of the Applied Arts Schneeberg have studied its preparation, history and culture.
Ingredients that reflect regions and social position, physical and biochemical transformation of materials, cleverly manipulated habitats of microorganisms - breads provide a wealth of perspectives that always raise new questions.
From them have emerged a series of usable objects that explore, sometimes sensually sometimes pragmatically, a world between craft, science, and pleasure. In the process, it becomes clear that grinding, kneading and observing offer just as much as the actual pastry. Whether that, bread knife or the wood-burning oven itself: the products serve as an invitation to overcome the current distance to food and bake a good loaf of bread yourself.




SMCK On Reel, the first international video festival inspired by jewelry and wearable art, presents video works in the context of rapidly changing social and societal values. Forty-five international artists* and designers, galleries and institutions will be showcased at the Grassimesse in Leipzig.

SMCK On Reel highlights themes such as tradition and future, memory and identity, environmental degradation and material consciousness, femininity and feminism, gender and social conventions. Reels (=short films) introduce the audience to the world, concepts and thoughts of the artists* and designers and allow them to look at the maker's work differently. Jewelry serves not only as a starting point for personal narratives and statements, but also as a cultural catalyst capable of changing social values.

As part of the Chain of Solidarity initiative, SMCK On Reel pays special attention to video contributions from Ukraine, offering insights into the art and everyday lives of artists* and designers in the war zone. Videos by twelve Ukrainian artists talk about work and life in Ukraine or in exile: about the spiritual experience of cameo-engraving, the omnipresence of destruction and death, the consolidation of one's own identity, the decision to resist or rituals to connect with nature. Iryna Udovychenko, Curator of the Jewelry Collection of the National Museum of History of Ukraine opens the SMCK ON REEL Leipzig screenings with a greeting from Kyiv.

SMCK On Reel will be broadcast simultaneously with the Grassimesse in various cities in Europe, thus forming an international "Chain of Solidarity" with our colleagues in Ukraine.

In collaboration with the VERSTAK Jewelry School/Art Space in Kyiv, and with the kind support of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig and the Metalofonas Biennial in Lithuania, selected videos will be shown at the Grassi Fair, at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kyiv, and at the Museum of Applied Art & Design in Vilnius.

SMCK On Reel is a project of SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists. We thank all participating artists and institutions!

Participants: Serzhan Bashirov, Olga Butenop, Xiao Chen, Fernando Crêspo, Martina Dempf, Lena Echelle, Eva Geldof, Karl Fritsch, Yolanda Ky, Alma Lion, Criselda Lopez, Carolina Melo, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Orion Jewelry, Federica Pallaver, Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė, PyR, Camilla Prey, Loukia Richards, Tieke Scheerlinck, Simon Marcus Swale, Silvia Vatta / GIADA, Eszter Zámori, Christoph Ziegler. Ukraine: Serhiy Hranievych, Kristina Ignatova, Katia Krutikova, Denis Music, Svyatoslav Nikitenko, Yuri Plekhanov, Vadym Mykolaenko, Anton Solokov, Tetiana Chorna & Volodymyr Yarmusevych, Lena Yastreb, Sergey Zhernov. Museums & Organisations: Akademie für Gestaltung. European Fashion Heritage Association, FaveLAB Athens, Grassi Museum, Legnica Silver Festival, Pureun Culture Foundation, SMCK Magazine,ZLR Betriebsimperium.

Further Information:

Project "à la française...“

At GRASSIMESSE 2022, the craft2eu agency invites craft artists and designers from France, whose work is currently enjoying great recognition in their home country.

The current trends that eclipse everything else in the lifestyle of the modern French are closeness to nature and decorativeness, a great appreciation for high-quality natural materials and refined processing techniques. While maintaining traditional craftsmanship as an important source of

innovation and appeal, the Arts decoratifs - the decorative arts - are at the center of interest in France. Here, ingenious craftsmanship and creativity care less about functionality and more about effective form around form as well as conceptual narratives. This attitude sets a distinctly different focus than the usual view of the applied arts in Germany. The French avant-garde of arts and crafts has a few surprises in store for the public at GRASSIMESSE 2022.

à la française - craft2eu auf der GRASSIMESSE 


Alain Mailland, Élisabeth Mézières, Marion Hawecker, Kanae Briandet, Cécile Feilchenfeldt, Mona Luison, Marie-Anne Thieffry, Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali, Marina Le Gall, Helène Morbu,  Chloé Peytermann

The jury 2022

Margit Jäschke

Künstlerin und Schmuckkünstlerin

Günther Gromke

Vorsitzender des Freundeskreis des GRASSI Museums für Angewandte Kunst

Dr. Olaf Thormann

Dr. Olaf Thormann

Director GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pöpper

Professor für Kunst- und Designgeschichte an der Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg

Laura Strasser

Produktdesignerin und Professorin für Produktdesign/ Keramik- und Glasdesign an der Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein in Halle

Sabine Epple

Curator Modern Art Collections GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig

Anett Lamprecht

Leiterin Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und stellv. Direktorin GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig

Laetitia Gorsy

Galeristin von She Bam in der Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

Ulrike Meyer-Krahmer

Mitglied im Kuratorium der Carl und Anneliese Goerdeler-Stiftung